Britney and the VMAs

Britney and the VMAs

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Despite my high hopes and anticipation, I do have to join the masses who were disappointed by Britney Spears failed “comeback” performance. The keyword here is disappointed, I didn’t hate it. I’m one of those people who was actually rooting for her hoping this would return her to the spotlight (in a positive way) and demonstrate why Britney has always been an excellent performer, if not the most gifted singer.

Alas, she looked completely bored and like she put zero effort into re-solidifying her career with this performance. The fact that she didn’t even bother to lip synch at times was just sad. I’m still giving her the benefit of the doubt since she may have been nervous and let’s face it, after all the negative and questionable publicity she’s received, that must be pretty nerve-wracking to go out half naked and see hundreds of people quietly judging you based on your past transgressions. And unlike many who’ve commented on her figure, it didn’t bother me.

A lot of people are saying her career is now officially kaput, that this was her last shot and she screwed it up. Though I do think this is going to make it a great deal harder for her to reignite her career, I still think there’s hope for Britney. I mean, her new song “Gimme More” has had a polarizing effect on people. There are those that like it (such as myself) and the others who like it until they find out who the person singing it is and then end up hating it. Aside from the promotional work she’ll [desperately] need to do, I think she should stay out of the press and perhaps schedule a knockout performance on Conan, Letterman, or Leno along with an interview where she doesn’t come across as some loopy girl who’s lost it. If she can get over her jitters or whatever it is that’s been causing her to act all bizarre, there’s still hope.

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