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Saving the World in Pandemic (Game Review)



Pandemic 2nd Edition cover.

Like many children close to my age who grew up in the days before tablets and smartphones became electronic babysitters, board games were a major part of my childhood. Standards like Monopoly, Connect 4 and Hungry Hungry Hippos always made for a great time.

Fast forward to the present day and my interest in gaming had been relegated to time tested card games like Uno and more recently, Phase 10. A good friend of mine suggested I watch a YouTube series called Tabletop hosted by Wil Wheaton, perhaps best known as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation or Gordie Lachance in Stand by Me.  The game in question involved dragons, and I’m a big fan of dragons ladies and gentlemen.

Each episode of Tabletop revolves around Wheaton playing a board or card game with celebrities which essentially serves as a means of promoting the game in question. After watching one episode, I was hooked and have now become something of a board and card game aficionado constantly researching games that are both fun and require a bit of using the brain.

Pandemic was played during one episode and although I’m generally terrible and don’t particularly like strategy games I was intrigued by the premise. And that, ladies and gentlemen is where the review begins. (more…)

The Adventure on the Allure of the Seas (Review)

The first time I ever went on a cruise was on one of those one day Bahamas cruises on the now defunct Discovery Cruise Line, an adventure that I quite enjoyed thanks to the company of close family and good friends despite the little time allowed to actually explore Grand Bahama Island before having to return to the ship. However, I quickly realized that this ship paled in comparison to a multiple day cruise and so, I decided to experience what a “real” cruise is like by booking an adventure on what is currently the largest cruise ship prowling the waters of this blue planet: the Allure of the Seas.  Please note that this is all coming from someone who is basically a first time cruiser so a lot of stuff may be obvious (i.e.: fees charged) and redundant. Let’s begin. (more…)