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Uplifting Music and Videos

Uplifting Music and Videos

At some time last week, I started a potential “been there, done that” forum thread on Last.fm asking members of that particular forum what songs put them in a jovial mood regardless of how they may be feeling. In my case, I was jamming to “Volare” by The Gipsy Kings and I noticed that each time I played the song, I suddenly felt super happy and just full of energy.

This evening, when I was cooling off from another intense round of exercising, I remembered I had transferred some videos to my Zen Vision: M, among them this popular video of some dude named Matt dancing (or at least attempting to) in various parts of the world.

I don’t know if it was the Deep Forest “Sweet Lullaby” remix playing in the background, or just how carefree and happy this Matt dude seemed to be. Whatever it was, it made me happy to be watching this video and I’ve put it here for you to see.

But my question is, what tunes elevate your mood? “Volare” is just one of many but I’m curious to know what does it for you. Leave a comment or something or a sample so we can all share in the happiness together.

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