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Exercise Music

Exercise Music

Madonna on the festival in Coachella in 2006
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Not too long ago I started to really throw myself into working out and toning my otherwise physically unfit body. After investing in an indoor workout machine, there was basically no longer a reason as to why I could put off exercising. Before I’d always use the excuse that since our old machine (and what remains of it) was outside, I simply could not justify enduring hot weather and the vicious attacks of mosquitoes in the name of health. Thus, I’ve been diligently keeping a journal to track my progress, investing in proper attire, and I became most satisfied when I began to see noticeable results soon after. I figured I can deal with the muscle pain the next day, that’s the least of my worries.

Exerting myself away while punishing my body just isn’t as entertaining without some music involved so I almost always listen to my Zen Vision: M while working out. Which brings me to the subject of this post: what tunes make the best music to work out to? I haven’t really explored what I have in my library after I discovered that Madonna‘s Confessions on a Dance Floor made for some great workout music.

However, I’m quite aware that this opinion is highly biased since I’m already a Madonna fan. Nevertheless, I suggest trying it out, putting my own liking for it aside.

But the question is, besides Madonna, what makes for good workout music? I’d like to make a customized playlist of tunes that can energize me for about an hour or more since that’s usually the time it takes me to complete my workout of the day before I’m exhausted. Any suggestions in any genre would be appreciated except death metal, gives me a headache.  Thanks!