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Exploring the Country

Exploring the Country

One thing that’s always boggled my mind is how some people are vehemently opposed to the very idea of possibly hearing a note from a genre that does not fit their musical preferences.  I like to think I’m fairly open-minded about such things but one genre I’ve never really explored is country.  That’s why I was even more surprised when I ended up liking it.

I’ve dabbled with music that has country leanings, Shania Twain to be more specific.  In her case however, I feel her music is watered down country with heavy pop and rock elements that allow her to appeal an extremely broad audience, her 1997 mammoth seller album Come on Over being a perfect example.

Miranda Lambert was something else.

I’d been aware of Miranda Lambert since her fiery debut album Kerosene but I largely ignored her since it was country.  That was until her second album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend began appearing on a bunch of top albums of the year and earned her oodles of acclaim.  I was intrigued as I am with nearly every album that appears on the top of these lists, regardless of genre.

Last year Zune Marketplace offered Miranda’s “Dead Flowers” off of her most recent album Revolution as the free song of the week.  I always download these songs because they’re free and as I’ve discovered on more than one occasion they end up being songs I really like such as Neon Neon’s “Raquel”.

This year I finally got around to actually listening to “Gunpowder & Lead”, the first single from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and instantly loved it.  I decided it was worth purchasing both this album and Revolution.  After listening to both of them, I am now exploring similar artists like Miranda Lambert and adopting a new genre I once did not care for.

I understand that there are some genres that are not everyone’s cup of tea and are difficult to appreciate but people should at least take some time to listen to it as opposed to simply refusing altogether when it comes on the radio or is suggested by someone.  I decided to go exploring the country and lo and behold, a new world of music awaits.

Now, can someone please explain to me why Miranda does not sell as many records as this Taylor Swift girl?

Literal Music Videos

Literal Music Videos

Back when I was a teenager MTV was really the only way to check out the latest music videos, and thankfully then it still played them on a regular basis. The kids from The Hills were still in diapers, YouTube was still a glint in someone’s eye and the World Wide Web was still catering to 28.8 modems.

The modern music video can now be found easily all over the world and shared even easier but is it still an art form or just a promotional tool? To illustrate, I’ve gathered some literal music videos here where some or all of the lyrics are yes, literally translated into the song itself. What’s the point in that?

Pink – Just Like a Pill (2002)

Sure enough, just as the song begins and P!nk tells us that she’s lying on the floor where someone left her….she’s lying on the floor.

Hilary DuffCome Clean

Yes Hilary, the song talks about cleansing and starting over. But when you’re telling us to “Let the rain fall down”, does it really need to be raining throughout the video for us to understand what you’re trying to say?

Taylor Swift – Teardrops on My Guitar

Poor Taylor Swift, that Drew is such a loser. At about 3:14 we don’t actually see the teardrop fall on the guitar but considering she was holding it inches from her face throughout the entire video, there’s a good chance it probably did.

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire

Such a liar that Billy Joel! Just as he starts to try and excuse himself for not starting the fire, everything just gets worse and worse by the end.

Shakira – Objection (Tango)

At about 2:00 Shakira unleashes her inner bitch and explains that her natural breasts don’t compare to the other woman’s “cheap silicone”. How do we know? They actually pop and deflate!

What are some other examples? I’d love to make this an ongoing thing.

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