We Don’t Know Yet What the Future Brings

We Don’t Know Yet What the Future Brings

Hello, everyone! Yes, it’s been a few years since I last published any type of updates here on my website. I am alive and well but, as is the case with anyone, my life has changed considerably since the last post in 2012.

For starters, a few major changes have gone down in my personal life. Perhaps most notably, I am now legally bound to another human being, which is something I never saw myself ever doing. Married life has its charms.

As for my career, I now work for a marketing and advertising company thanks to a friend and former co-worker who offered me a job shortly after my former employer and I amicably parted ways after nearly ten years together. The scope of my work now extends beyond real estate, so it’s been nice learning about other industries.

I still retain a passion for board and card games but alas, life’s circumstances don’t allow me the time and resources to play them as much as I would like to, or used to. Coincidentally, when I came back to freshen things up in here, I discovered another review I wrote years ago that I never got around to finishing. I’ll be publishing that review shortly, even if it is wildly out of date.

I recently registered two domain names for a pair of related projects I’m hoping to get mostly off of the ground some time before 2018 is over. I haven’t built a website in years ever since my career began to transition towards web content marketing so I’m trying to get a grasp on today’s modern CMS solutions and which one(s) works best for what I would like to accomplish. If that happens to be WordPress, I will attempt to cross that rickety bridge.

I make no guarantees that I will once again return to a semi-regular posting schedule so for now, let’s just call this a tentative new beginning.

Feel free to share some feedback.

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