Enjoying the Ride

Enjoying the Ride

Cliff jumping
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Today marks a week since I sort of parted ways with my employer, a decision that took a tremendous amount of willpower and nearly two straight days of getting on and off the fence in order to determine whether it was a risk worth taking.

I could’ve stuck around, in fact some might say I was a fool not to.  However, the more I considered the decision the more the word ‘risk’ came into the equation.

Jorge Lopez is not the kind of person his friends and family would describe as a risk taker.  I stick heavily to convention and I prefer tried and true approaches that minimize the possibilities of derailment or disaster.  I know several people who embrace risk with less hesitation, one of these people has been very successful because of it but I could never see myself just stepping off the edge of the plank like this person does without having a clearly discernible view of where I would precisely land.

However, the more I spoke to people, the more I felt the universe was trying to tell me something.

Several people I know have ideas, great ideas that are in some stage of execution.  Ideas that could lead to the dream of being one’s own boss while doing something you love and still having the money to pay the bills and put food on the table.  All of these ideas have or will involve taking some form of risk, a risk that may result in falling flat on one’s face or perhaps a major success.  Obviously, there is no way of knowing the outcome unless one takes the initial plunge.

The more I thought about these ideas, the more confident I felt that despite the uncertain climate when it comes to employment and the risk involved in securing another means of steady income under the circumstances, it was time to embrace the uncertainty and allow the winds of the future to guide me to what I genuinely believe will be a prosperous future.

Sometimes you become so accustomed to traveling down the same scenic road you know so well that you forget there’s a better path filled with more excitement and even more delightful sights just by making that left turn you always wondered about but always refrained from taking because of the unfamiliarity.

I chose to take the path and although for the time being I cannot quite see what lies ahead at the next intersection or what will happen before I reach it, I’m enjoying the ride there.

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