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Is There More to Life Than iPods?

The iPod family with, from the left to the rig...
Image via Matthieu Rieglera
Last week I was in the middle of filling out a form in order to be considered a “Buzzmaker” for a well established music magazine.  I’m connected to enough social media websites and have a firm enough grasp of popular music to possibly be chosen as one of these people but I found myself at odds with a pair of seemingly innocuous questions that slightly irked me.

The first of these asked how many iPods had I owned in the past five years or so.  I’ve never owned an iPod but I have owned several devices that fall under the same category as an iPod, namely an MP3 player.  I thought for a second and chose four “iPods”, codenamed Zen Vision: M, Zune 80, Zune 120 and currently Zune HD. (more…)