Everybody Deserves a Shot at an American Idol Ford Commercial

Everybody Deserves a Shot at an American Idol Ford Commercial

By now most people who follow American Idol are already very well aware with the ouster of contestant Joanna Pacitti.  I figured it was going to be only a matter of time before some controversy arose since well, it just wouldn’t be American Idol if there wasn’t some kind of controversy now, would it?  As for Bikini Girl?  Her fifteen minutes came and went after she got the boot.

I had some familiarity with Joanna after I caught her video on some teen television network I used to watch and I specifically remember her failed album “This Crazy Life” because of its cover artwork which I really liked.  After I saw her dismal placement on the Billboard album charts I knew she was destined to become another failed pop star.  But enough digressing.

Each year there’s the group of people who lambast these former contestants that once had record deals, like last year’s Carly Smithson (nee Hennesy) citing an unfair advantage over others.  This is completely understandable but I see things differently.

In Joanna’s case, apparently she had some ties to American Idol’s production company and I can see how that may affect her outcome behind the scenes but do potential music stars like Joanna Pacitti and Carly Smithson really deserve not to have a chance?

The way I see it, while these kinds of contestants may be more familiar to music aficionados like myself who follow one hit wonders (or lack thereof), they’re still starting from scratch.  They had their chance and due to whatever reason (e.g.: bad reviews, poor marketing, or in Carly Smithson’s case horrible timing), they failed to make an impact and disappeared into the musical abyss that so many other potential pop stars have before.

What’s that?  They’re trained singers? Joanna Pacitti would not have fared any better or worse than Carly Smithson.  After all, Carly was trained and she still failed to win American Idol during her season.  And have you heard anything from Carly Smithson since the end of her season and the subsequent tour?  Exactly.

And lastly, who’s to say failed singers will fare any better with a 19 Recordings contract and the American Idol juggernaut behind them?  Taylor Hicks won and the “Soul Patrol” apparently didn’t do their job, earning him one of the lowest selling American Idol albums in its history and causing him to part ways and go the indie route.  On a side note, I’ve listened to “What’s Right is Right” off of Taylor’s upcoming album “The Distance” and he seems much more in his element. I hope he becomes another indie success story.

So at the end of the day, even failed pop stars with former record deals deserve their chance to pick up the pieces and try again.  The music industry is brutal and just the thought of having to prove yourself [again] amongst a sea of people looking for their big break after you already had yours and lost it well, it’s tough.

Joanna Pacitti, may you find another opportunity where you can utilize your vocal talents and not get fired or disqualified for it.

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