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The Upward Swing

I was originally going to title this first entry of 2012 “The Year of Living Anxiously” but I decided it wasn’t worth dwelling on events of the previous year that have come and gone and that I’ve thankfully overcome. I will say however that one of the best ways of dealing with uncontrollable anxiety is as simple as discussing what’s triggering the problem with your loved ones, close friends or a health professional. With that said…

This year I made it my mission to start pursuing my interests and one of the first things I’ve done is dabble in photography. I suppose it might have something to do with my passion for writing but for someone who was once very averse to even appearing in photos, I have always held a strong interest in the art despite my lack of discipline or training. I own a bunch of coffee table books from different photographers and themes including an Annie Leibovitz book that I shelled out a lot of money for on eBay than I probably should have. I don’t actually own any sort of coffee table though. (more…)

Tales of a Tech Slave

Amazon Kindle e-book reader being held by my g...

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Last week I jumped ship from T-mobile to Sprint after barely having the former for four months.  Prior to that, I had renewed my contract with AT&T in order to own the iPhone 3G S only to ditch it before my time was up.

Now my decision to leave AT&T was largely due to the hefty price I was paying for the luxury of having an iPhone while with T-mobile, my 3G coverage was terrible.  However, I’d be lying if I said my decision wasn’t at least partially swayed by the prospect of having a brand spanking new smartphone will all the latest bells and whistles.

This is particularly true with my switch to Sprint.  While I did my research before deciding on Sprint, I came very close to switching to the much higher priced Verizon just because I wanted to own the Droid Incredible.  However after I had the chance to play with an HTC EVO 4G and its gargantuan screen, I was sold and I was instantly enamored.  Never mind the fact that 4G coverage has yet to arrive in my city and that I’m paying an extra $10 dollars for it.  I wanted the EVO and I was going to get the EVO. (more…)

Is There More to Life Than iPods?

The iPod family with, from the left to the rig...
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Last week I was in the middle of filling out a form in order to be considered a “Buzzmaker” for a well established music magazine.  I’m connected to enough social media websites and have a firm enough grasp of popular music to possibly be chosen as one of these people but I found myself at odds with a pair of seemingly innocuous questions that slightly irked me.

The first of these asked how many iPods had I owned in the past five years or so.  I’ve never owned an iPod but I have owned several devices that fall under the same category as an iPod, namely an MP3 player.  I thought for a second and chose four “iPods”, codenamed Zen Vision: M, Zune 80, Zune 120 and currently Zune HD. (more…)