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The Upward Swing

I was originally going to title this first entry of 2012 “The Year of Living Anxiously” but I decided it wasn’t worth dwelling on events of the previous year that have come and gone and that I’ve thankfully overcome. I will say however that one of the best ways of dealing with uncontrollable anxiety is as simple as discussing what’s triggering the problem with your loved ones, close friends or a health professional. With that said…

This year I made it my mission to start pursuing my interests and one of the first things I’ve done is dabble in photography. I suppose it might have something to do with my passion for writing but for someone who was once very averse to even appearing in photos, I have always held a strong interest in the art despite my lack of discipline or training. I own a bunch of coffee table books from different photographers and themes including an Annie Leibovitz book that I shelled out a lot of money for on eBay than I probably should have. I don’t actually own any sort of coffee table though. (more…)

My Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Review

I’ll start this off by saying that yes, I’m very well aware that I’ve been dormant for over a year now.  That aside, I’ve decided to take my first stab at reviewing a smartphone, in this case the Sprint version (Epic Touch 4G) of the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Let’s begin.


Design / Build

samsung Galaxy SII

Prior to buying the Galaxy, I owned an EVO 3D.  As a result, when I opened the box, I was amazed by how thin and light the Galaxy is considering the huge horsepower packed into the device and how big it seems.  As for the choice to use plastic instead of higher end materials, it didn’t really bother me as much as other reviewers have mentioned even if it does slightly reduce the “premium” feel of the phone.  I already managed to drop it once and it seems to have survived just fine which means the plastic may actually be more durable and perhaps less scratch prone than it may initially seem.

One thing that concerns me is the camera lens.  Unless you have a case that gives the Galaxy a little more girth, resting it on top of any surface means running a risk of potentially scratching the lens or the flash.  Considering the amazingly great pictures this thing produces, you most certainly do not want to take such a risk.